Friday, April 13, 2012

A Rose for Spring and Our Texas Summer!...Not Your Sweet or Gurly Rose!

Charles & Charles Rose, 2011, $12.99 @ Whole Foods & Central Market!
this is not your mother's sweet is dry, focused /w/ arresting hints of strawberry, banana and bursts of will virtually pair /w/ any food on the planet or will be a hit @ your fiesta soire!(viva fiesta!)  It is just refreshing to drink ice cold while planning your yard work(i do a lot of that)...i have been enjoying this wine for the last 3 vintages and this vintage is by far the most powerful!  charles smith & charles bieler are the coolest & most down to earth winemakers that are showcasing the vibrancy of washington state grapes! test a bottle asap because this wine is seasonal and is only available thru this spring/summer! it always flies off the shelf! i am enjoying a glass right now! cheers!