Friday, May 25, 2012

                       sassy riesling from rheingau
($13.99, central market)

this is not your ooeeey gooey super-sweet german wine that we grew up(the blue nuns) with!....intensely floral...this wine is focused with puckering acidity injected /w/  lemon zest and red apples and fresh minerals such as flint and quartz...this wine is perfect for our hot texas summer coming in @ 11% is a a perfect pairing /w/ almost any type of  latin-amercan cusine such as tex-mex, interior mexican, cuban, etc. and also any type of asian food-i  love it  /w/ thai curries and with  any type of grilled poultry(i love it /w/ chicken thighs!)...and oh the winemaker , Johannes Leitz, Winemaker of the Year, so cool, so nice and so  humble!  and  for some strange reason he tours texas every june escaping the cool, perfect climate of germany to hang out /w/ us in our 100 degree, 1000 percent humidity texas summer!’ll find this wine @ central market or any wine store that has some degree of insight...