Friday, March 30, 2012

Malvar: A Blast of a Wine from Madrid, Spain!!!

Zestos, 2010, 100% Malvar!!! $10 @ Central Market, San Antonio(thank you heidi!)
well i was wandering around the wine dept@ central market in san antonio looking for white wines and roses because i needed to clean the patio, hose down the bird do-do, etc. and listen to frank and maybe chase a possum or two from kitty's food bowl...well as i wandered to spain because i love verdejos(previous post), i found this one...100% Malvar.....pulled out my iPad..."an obscure grape grown south of Madrid...6500 acres total in the world!!!"

It is a blast of tropical fruits and minerality(reminds me of semillon). ! i love it  and it will make cleaning that patio so much more enjoyable while watering, hosing down the bird do-do and chasing away those nasty Texas possums!!!
Cheers and check out this wine at Central Market, San Antonio, Texas  /w/ Heidi's awesome Wine Team!!! They will show you where it is on the shelf!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Great Spring Break White Wine!!! A New Experience /w/ Verdejo!

Hermanos Lurton, Verdejo, 2010-Whole Foods,$11.99...Here is the chairman's choice for my Spring Break! This is a white grape that is from Spain from the Rueda region...this wine is full of stone-fruit, hints of honey-dew melon, fresh rain, hint of oak on this wine... pure fruit....moderate acids...low alcohol 12.5%...nicely chilled this is great for sipping in your backyard, all types of chicken dishes from chicken fajtas to baked chicken,  eating /w/ cheese plates and maybe some seafood...this is also a great wine for the boat this summer or while hanging  around some body of  Texas water! Cheers and happy spring break!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Experience Albarino from Espana for $10 @ Whole Foods!!!

Raimat: Albarino, 2011...i  picked up this wine tonight @whole foods...albarino is the white grape of galicia, should have some fruit like apricot or peach....higher acidity...and some minerality due to the granite and slate soils and saltiness due to the close proximity to the atlantic ocean...this wine delivers!!!...well-balanced, apricot notes, minerality, rolling acids that do not pierce the tongue and alcohol that is low...12.5% ...this allows the fruit to speak  and does not burn your throat....i am enjoying it /w/ some pork spare ribs and a portabella mushroom stuffed and broiled /w/ goat cheese, tomatoes and olive oil ...this wine would also pair /w/ chicken, some fish and seafood dishes and would be great while enjoying your favorite texas lake or river...check out this producer or another producer of albarino! cheers and enjoy!