Friday, March 30, 2012

Malvar: A Blast of a Wine from Madrid, Spain!!!

Zestos, 2010, 100% Malvar!!! $10 @ Central Market, San Antonio(thank you heidi!)
well i was wandering around the wine dept@ central market in san antonio looking for white wines and roses because i needed to clean the patio, hose down the bird do-do, etc. and listen to frank and maybe chase a possum or two from kitty's food bowl...well as i wandered to spain because i love verdejos(previous post), i found this one...100% Malvar.....pulled out my iPad..."an obscure grape grown south of Madrid...6500 acres total in the world!!!"

It is a blast of tropical fruits and minerality(reminds me of semillon). ! i love it  and it will make cleaning that patio so much more enjoyable while watering, hosing down the bird do-do and chasing away those nasty Texas possums!!!
Cheers and check out this wine at Central Market, San Antonio, Texas  /w/ Heidi's awesome Wine Team!!! They will show you where it is on the shelf!

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