Monday, August 31, 2015

Little Italy /w/ a Big Italian Chianti Classico!!! CastelVecchi, 2012

one of the great questions of life:what is chianti classico? it is the noble red wine of tuscany primarily made from the sangiovese grape and often blended in small percentages with the canaiolo grape…growing up we all knew as the cheap and rough wine in the bottle surrounded by a basket…often kept and used for candles to drip and drip…and yes chiantis could be rough and harsh…I have often said…their worst expression is like a dusty, dirty shag carpet in your mouth…well now some great news…the gorgeous and sexy marisa visocaro, owner of Little Italy restaurant, found one of the most stunning Chianti Classicos, CastelVecchi, 2012-bright red fruit such as ripe cherries, raspberries and a depth of elegance with an addictive finish that makes me want to drink the whole bottle…i could drink this wine all day…(and i have)…of course, the obvious pairings: eggplant rollatini, mussels,  all pastas with red sauce(I love rigatoni), pizza but this wine would also be harmonious with light red meats such as burgers or a delicate steak…where to find it..@ Little Italy, 824 Afterglow, SATX, 78216 @JS Fine Wines, 638 W. Rhapsody, SATX, 78216….thank you marisa for finding this life changing chianti classico!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

 We’re Stuck on Fruiliano!!!

The most awesome Kye Silver McCammon selected a  refreshing wine to launch Summer of 2016, Scarpetta Fruiliano, 2013 that comes in under 20$$$ hailing from Northeastern Italy, Friuli, the white grape is known as fruiliano.  It has a vibrant balance of earth and fruit-fresh, ripe strawberries, stone fruit such as apricot and crunchy minerality.  I love this wine with any type of salad especially simple salads with white balsamic vinegar. It would also be tasty with any type of salami or prosciutto…speaking of great food …this wine is the project of Master Sommelier,  James  Beard Award winner , French Laundry experienced , Friuli fanatic Bobby Stuckey who  owns the world-acclaimed restaurant, Frasca in Boulder , CO…his passion for Northeastern Italy finds it way in every bottle of Scarpetta Wine…to be truly enjoyed with the light meals of summer or by itself while experiencing the  heat of summer…wc

check out this wine & his other wines: